There are many ways to start and grow cattle. Our philosophy at Etheridge Cattle Company is that cattle should be in their native environment. We use open grass lots with natural shade to provide comfort during the weaning process.

Program Management

The preconditioning facility focuses on frequent communication with cow/calf customers throughout the entire program.  

“Being involved with the cattle before they arrive at our finishing facility gives us the best start possible at raising quality, great-tasting beef,” says Brad. 

Our cattle are fed once daily in open bunks. We have two pen riders that check every pen, seven days a week. We enforce strict bunk management and monitor intakes on a daily basis. 

From a health standpoint, cattle will tell us how they are doing by their intakes.

Handling of Cattle

Our employees are all BQA certified. A low stress handling atmosphere and risk assessment on arrival will set your cattle up for success. 

Since, weather plays a big part in the success of starting cattle, we have a strict protocol for receiving cattle, and an exceptional ability to adjust with adverse weather conditions.

The ranch implements a multitude of control protocols to help ensure quality and the humane treatment of the cattle.